Welcome to NJW Polled Herefords Online

A Family Outfit Dedicated to Integrity, Raising Superior Polled Hereford Cattle and Good Ranching!

Welcome to the NJW Program!

The ranch is located on a beautiful piece of Wyoming range just outside of Sheridan in the shadow of the Big Horn Mountains. NJW is a family operation, consisting of Ned and Jan Ward and daughter, Bell. We have dedicated ourselves to building a better cowherd and raising high-quality bulls for the cowman.

Our herd is an accumulation of cows and cow families that are based on stacking genetics that will in turn produce consistent, efficient, high income producing offspring. Over the years we have strived to use only bulls from the most functional females to insure the best guarantee for excellence.

Wrangler 832W, Boulder 57G, and Durango 4037, have been major influences in this program. All three were backed by exceptional females so they have bred true and are responsible for what our herd is today.

We want as much performance as we can get along with maintaining that critical balance of calving ease, cowherd and feedlot efficiency, and proven carcass value -- all the while never forgetting the unmeasured traits of structural soundness, udder quality and attachment, longevity, mothering ability and fertility.

We believe in Herefords and our Program... Thanks for your interest.

"NJW Model Brood Cow"


Dam of Trust 100W, Hometown 10Y, and Homegrown 8Y

TRUST 100W Daughters in Production